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Nominating Committee

Call for Suggestions for the Nominating Committee’s Consideration

The goal of the Nominating Committee of Worthington Presbyterian Church is to identify and nurture church leadership from within the congregation; matching individual gifts, talents, and interests to the role of Deacon, Elder, or Nominating Committee Member. The process entails prayerful discernment and consideration. We seek God's leading to identify those whom God has given suitable gifts for the various ministries of the church, who possess Christian maturity, dedication to our church's mission and ministries, and devotion to serving God and God's people.

We urge you to suggest those in your WPC network that you feel would serve well in some capacity. The description of Deacon, Elder, Nominating Committee characteristics and commitment can be found below. Paper forms are available in the Office (or can be emailed to you). An online form is available by clicking the link below.  Suggestions are due by May 3rd. Thank you for your help in this very important endeavor.

God Bless!
Submitted by the 2021 Nominating Committee; Glenn Garland, Chair